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My dad turned 84 in November 2021. I contemplated if I should have a party for him or not. After all, 84 was not a big milestone. I was already planning his 85th birthday bash and with COVID did I want a lot of people surrounding him?

After giving some thought I decided to have a party. 2020 and the beginning of 2021 was an extremely hard time for him. Apart from the fact that he was dealing with the death of my mother who he was married to for 52 years, being housebound due to the pandemic, he was struggling with a lot of health issues. Not a month passed by without me having to call 911 and rushing him to hospital. There were many times I did not think he will survive. But he pulled through and he has not been in this great state of health for many years. I decided it was time to celebrate.

I invited a small crowd of about 20 people – the people that he is closest to and who has been in his life for decades. I believe it was the best birthday he ever celebrated. He sang and danced, he told old stories that made everyone laugh and remember the ‘good old days’ and he was able to listen to the stories and appreciations everyone else told him. He got to know the impact he had on the lives of everyone present – some great and some small – but nevertheless important. We made all the food that he loved – a big fat beef roast was on top of the list.

I was so glad I did have that party. Life is so unpredictable especially these days. I hear about the death of so many people daily – some young, others old and some others at the prime of their life. We are never given a second chance to live life. Every birthday is a milestone – in fact every day is a milestone, and we need to be grateful for each day that’s being given to us.

I hear people all the time looking and seeking a purpose in life. For me, the purpose we are put on earth is to be of service to others. Every single day to make a small difference in the life of at least 1 person. This maybe through just a kind word or a helpful act. No matter what position we are in life, rich poor, happy, unhappy – it does not matter as we all have the capacity to make one small difference in the life of someone daily.

May we all seek out these opportunities and be grateful each day for each sunrise. May we always celebrate life and make LOVE the centre of our universe. Wishing everyone the most wonderful 2022.

Sharmila Perera


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