Other Services

  • Housekeeping services

A clean environment helps to maintain good health. When keeping up on everyday tasks become daunting and sometimes dangerous, we are here to help. Most falls with seniors happen in their homes, so why take the chance? Our housekeeping services are for anyone from a busy family to a senior. We can assist with housecleaning, bed changing, laundry and more.

  • Hair Care Services

We understand that sometimes you prefer not to attend a hair salon. The weather may be bad, you may be immobile or you may just not want to go out. In such times our mobile hair care specialists will visit your home and ensure you have a “perfect hair day”.

  • Aesthetic Services

Much like Hair care services we offer Mobile in-home Aesthetic services. Our intention is to create a spa experience in your own home.

Give us a call (416) 701-0119 or email info@stayhomeforever.ca

Locations Being Served Currently are: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC