Renovation Services


Falling is very common and can be extremely hazardous for senior.

Safety should be the highest priority when thinking about living at home. Our Age in Place Specialists  will first and foremost walk through your home and make suggestions to making your home “fall proof” and safe. We work with your therapists to incorporate their suggestions.

It is proven that 1/3rd of seniors over 65 will fall at least once a year. Most seniors will fall in their own homes.

Attention to preventing falls is our number one priority.

If you have below or any other concerns, we can assist with solutions.

  • I cannot accommodate my wheelchair in my home
  • My bathroom is not big enough for my wheelchair.
  • My kitchen is not geared to accommodate my disability.
  • My bedroom is not big enough and it is upstairs.
  • My hallway is too narrow.
  • There is no space for a ramp in my front yard.
  • I don’t have an extra room for a caregiver.

Be it a simple solution such as installing extra safety bars or a complex renovation of the entire home, we will create a plan together with you and your loved ones and assist you with financial solutions to make it all happen.

Consultations are always free. Book your appointment now. Our Age-in Place Renovations Specialist together with our At Home Care Specialist will assist you in creating a total solution – step-by step- for you to stay home forever. THAT’S OUR PROMISE!!

Give us a call (416) 701-0119 or email info@stayhomeforever.ca

Locations Being Served Currently are: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC